Georgia is a country of hospitality, long toasts (speeches over raised glass) and ancient churches that are famous for their beauty. Travelers go there in order to try Georgian cuisine in taverns of old Tbilisi, sip a well-known Georgian wine and healing mineral water “Borjomi”, indulge in the eternal beauty of Caucasian mountains and paintings of Niko Pirosmani, see the dance of Lezginka, swim in the warm waters of the Black Sea. The following Georgia travel guide and useful tips have been collected to make your journey planing easy and discovering this amazing country smooth.

How to get to Georgia
The most convenient way to get to Georgia is to take a flight. The choice of airlines operating direct flights to Georgia from different countries of the world is diverse. The train is more convenient for those traveling from countries neighboring with Georgia – Azerbaijan and Armenia.
Traveling by plane
The main international airport of Georgia is located 17km from Tbilisi (code IATA-TBS). Also, there are an international airport of Batumi in Georgia (IATA-BUS), international airport of Kutaisi (KUT) and regional airport Mtskheta.
Air companies operating regular flights to Georgia and back:
• from Russia: Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, S7 Airlines, Georgian Airways;
• from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Ukraine: Azerbaijan Airlines, Air Astana, SCAT, airBaltic, Belavia, Georgian Airways, Ukraine International Airlines, Wizz Air, Yanair;
• from countries of Asia, Europe, Middle East: Arkia, Czech Airlines, Etihad Airways, flydubai, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines and etc.
• Tourist tips
• When to travel to Georgia
• Traditionally Georgia is considered a country of summer and winter holidays, thanks to its numerous resorts, however this country has what to offer to tourists at any time of the year due to its climatic diversity.
• For example, traveling to Georgia in spring is also great, with renewal of nature when everything around is in bloom and is diving in green colors. It is not too hot, the temperature is about 20-24 degrees (Celsius), with seldom rains. It is also good to travel to Georgia in the beginning of autumn, when the summer heat has waned but it is still good for swimming, along with the high time for different agricultural holidays such as vine harvest festival of Rtveli. It is to note though that possibility of rain in this time of the year is higher especially in the mountainous regions.
• The best time for traveling to Georgia is the beginning of May to the mid of October. But bear in mind, that it is quite hot in the city in the midsummer.
• For visiting seaside and thermal resorts of Georgia, it is best to travel from the end of May to the end of September. It is a swimming season on the Black Sea shores.
• There are numerous mountain resorts welcoming tourists in winter. It snows a lot, the temperature falls not more than 6 degrees (Celsius) below zero (it may feel colder due to strong winds).

Adjara is the southern coastline region of Georgia, once part of the Kolkheti Kingdom, which had close relations with Ancient Greece and Rome. One can find remnants of these cultures in the monuments of Gonio and Petre. Read more…

Guria is a Black Sea coastline province famous for its inexhaustibly witty people. The most typical subject of their talk is certainly world politics. You shouldn’t argue with them because you will almost certainly lose! Read more…

The historic region of Imereti in western Georgia is the region of the legendary Golden Fleece – this is where the long quest for the Golden Fleece took Jason and the Argonauts. Even though the Golden Fleece has been taken to Greece, visitors today will find something else of worth other than the Golden Fleece. Read more…

Kakheti is known as the region of the vine and with good reason. Unique and award winning Georgian wines and brandies are produced here. It is also believed that the very first wines were made in Georgia thousands of years ago and now worldwide acknowledged by the scholars that Georgia is a cradle of wine producing. Read more…

The Heart of Georgia, Kartli is the central, the biggest and the most important region of Georgia. Even the Georgian name for our country (Sakartvelo) is derived from this region and both the ancient and the new capitals of Georgia – Mtskheta and Tbilisi – are located here. Read more…

Khevsureti is another beautiful highland region of Georgia. Its villages Shatili, Arkhoti and Mutso were defensive towns, which is obvious by their impressive towers. Khevsurians are expert cattle-breeders, Read more…

In the south of Georgia you will find the provinces of Meskheti and Samtskhe-Javakheti – a land of forested mountains and steep river valleys, gushing rivers and clear lakes. Meskheti and Samtskhe-Javakheti on the very furthest reaches of Georgia were the first to clash with the numerous enemies coming to Georgia. The region is dotted with castles and fortresses from different periods – Read more…

Mtskheta-Mtianeti region spans quite diverse terrains from the historic capital of Georgia, Mtskheta, up north to the mountain regions of Khevsureti in the Great Caucasus mountain range. Following the route of the original Georgian Military Highway northward up toward Russia, one can see a magnitude of regional highlights -Read more..

Along with the geographical location, rich and diverse flora and fauna makes the Racha-Lechkhumi region original and unique. Mountain range of the region, snowy picks of Kavkasioni, rivers and falls, huge forests and animals and birds, natural caves, passes, alpine mowing and pastures, gorgeous roads and paths, Shaori and Lajani lakes and other wonderful sites surprise the sightseers. Read more…

Samegrelo, in the west, is one of the oldest regions of Georgia. It was one of the oldest principalities of Georgia belonging to the illustrious Dadiani family. Read more…

Svaneti, one of the timeless and lovely provinces of Georgia, is situated at the mouth of the river Enguri among awe-inspiring mountains. It is the most populated highland region. The village, Ushguli, is the highest populated place in Europe (at 2200 meters above sea level). Read more…
● Visit the majestic churches of Mtsketa
●Drive across the wine country of Kakheti
●Get lost in the monastic caves of Vardzia
●Take a stoll a long the Batumi boardwalk
● Surmount the of Kazbegi
●Visit the Stalin Museum in Gori
●See the fairy tale city of Gremi
●Count the Svan towers in Mestia
●Reach the picturesque Tusheti
●Enjoy Tbilisi unique mix of old world charm and modern entertainment
●Fall in Love with the beauty of Sighnaghi ,,The City of love’’