Bakhmaro is located in the district of Chokhatauri on the Meskheti mountain range in the Guria region. The resort is famous for its beautiful nature and magnificent views: from the top of the mountains you can see clouds below and catch a glimpse of the sea. At over 2000 meters above sea level, Bakhmaro is the highest alpine climatic resort in Georgia with a truly unique climate that blends sea and mountain air- perfect for immuno-enhancement and beneficial for people with respiratory problems.

The distance from Tbilisi to Bakhmaro is around 340 km – a journey of around 4.5 hours. A well-developed 50 km regional road connects Bakhmaro to Chokhatauri and takes around 1.5 hours to cover by car. Bakhmaro is difficult to access only from November to April. Apart from a few small shops in the resort, there are no shopping opportunities, however, you can get some delicious homemade dairy products and wooden toys from local sellers. There is also a fruit & veg market. Most of the accommodation consists of simple wooden cottages, usually rented out on a weekly or seasonal basis. The single hotel there is named “Bakhmaro,” after the resort.

The active season in Bakhmaro runs from June to September, when you’ll find it bustling with tourists and visitors. It is a pleasure to take a walk nearby, to pick mushrooms, to swim in the river, and to take part in the various sports activities. Apart from these entertainments, Bakhmaro has a very nice tradition whereby holiday-makers gather firewood to set bonfires on little squares, and afterwards they sit around the fire to tell stories, play and sing. On the subject of traditions, August 19 – the day of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ – is an important holiday in Bakhmaro, where a large traditional horse race is held. This remarkable event  attracts numerous visitors from the region and different corners of Georgia.