Khachapuri is a pizza-like cheese pie, a favorite meal for many Georgians and foreigners. Every region has its own version of this dish from which boat-shaped one from Adjara region is the most popular among others. In this post, we picked up some of the best places to eat Adjaruli Khachapuri all across the country.

Located near the Dry BridgePuri Guliani is the first Georgian bakery called Sakhabazo in the local language. The name derives from an old Georgian tradition of baking – in the past, pastries with different fillings were called puri guliani or bread with heart in literal translation. These meals were shared with beloved people and guests. Here, apart from Adjaruli, you can try all sorts of doughy meals Georgian cuisine is known for, such as Lobiani, Phlovani, Achma, and Khachapuri with four cheese.

What makes Adjaruli Khachapuri at Puri Guliani so distinct is that it’s baked in the tin oven with the highest quality Georgian wheat flour, and several unspoken secrets. The venue has an open-style kitchen where you can spot the process of your Khachapuri being made and baked. The chef rolls out the fluffy down into a boat shape, fills it with fresh a generous amount of Georgian cheese made in a particular technique, and puts it in a scorching oven. Surprisingly, the meal comes to your table in a couple of minutes. The crust is well done – crispy from the outside and soft from the inside. The cheese is well melted, stretchy, and soft. And don’t forget to pair it with Georgian lemonade Laghidze Water to make your meal a genuinely Georgian experience.