This is a cookery book about my country, Georgia. The book is lit with nostalgic aromas from my childhood and with the tastes from my youth.

This is a book about Georgian taste in general. For me, the best way to understand Georgia and its uniqueness is to search; go through the Georgian cuisine, discover the differences between the regions and, of course, the famous Georgian ‘supra’ (feast) table.

With this book you will have an adventure through time, sample stories and legends by taste. Each story has its own smell and taste, all the dishes have a story.

I clearly remember the smell of vanilla on my grandmother’s hands, the taste of fried Tolma in natural butter, the pleasant sound of mom’s simple pan-fried potatoes, my father’s Chakapuli made in a very elegant way and with ideas that were quite creative for the hungry 90s…

This book is a kind of time machine by which we will travel not only into the past but with which we will understand the present and will try to see the future through the tastes and smell, stories and legends.

Through the book ‘Gruzinski Smak’ you will discover not touristic Georgia, but the real one with real people, with real stories, with real photos and with the real tastes of Georgia.

Through this book we will try to show you a unique Georgia you never knew before.

This is a book with more than 40 original recipes and each of them has its own story with a Georgian taste…

Gagvimarjos! Cheers!

For me, cooking is an art, and this is not just a cliché sentence “cooking is ART”

I am a professional musician and I know how it works in music, what happens when an idea is in the air, how it’s converted into notes, chords, sound, composition, recording… it’s the same with food.

Radek Polak, Polish professional photographer and me, two different artists, decided to cooperate in the study of Georgian taste. That’s a big challenge for us, we have to compose something unique, we have to discover the Georgian taste!