Gudauri is a small touristic settlement and ski mountain resort located at the altitude of 3,000m on the southern slopes of the Lesser Caucuses range of Georgia. Gudauri is situated 120 km from Tbilisi. You can reach it by the Georgian Military Road for about 2 hours by car. Once many well-known writers and poets such as: Alexander Griboedov, Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Vladimir Mayakovsky and even Alexandre Dumas went by it.

There are local architectural and natural places of interests in the radius of 25-30 km from Gudauri. You can enjoy the beauty of Cross pass (2395m), visit the Holy Trinity Monastery in Gergeti on the slopes of the Kazbek mountains (5048 m), go on excursion to Truso Gorge and along Darial Gorge, running right to the border with Russia.

The ski mountain resort occupies Kudebi Mountain at the height of 3006 m. There, a ski mountain village with hotels and guest houses is located.

Owing to the lashings of the sun on the mountain slopes and rare threat of avalanching Gudauri was recognized as one of the best ski mountain resorts of Georgia. Its first ski mountain routes were built as early as the end of 70-s, but the main large-scale construction only began in 1982, when modern routes were built and new hotels were erected.

Today 8 marked ski mountain routes with total length of 13 km were cleared, the rest routes were meant for off-route skiing. The ski mountain slopes were equipped with several lifts.

In summer the Gudauri ski mountain resort opens its doors to lovers of mountain climbing and summer mountain tourism. A rich and various program of summer holidays in the Gudauri is presented there. It includes rock-climbing, camping, jeep tours, and mountain bicycling, fishery, rafting and helicopter tours.

Having suffered a decline in touristic business in 90-s, the Gudauri resort owing to improvement of economic and political climate in the region managed to gain back its position of one of the best resorts of the Caucuses which is confirmed by an increasing number of the tourists, expansion of the resort infrastructure, construction of new private hotels and guests houses.