Adjara  is an Autonomous Republic of Adjara in the territory of Georgia located in the utmost southwest of Georgia. All year long immersed in green forests and washed by the Black Sea this ancient land situated at the bottom of mountain ridges of Minor Caucasus is fabulously beautiful and original. Mild climate and majestic nature reign there.

Sea beaches, mountain ridges, velvet woods, crystal waterfalls, stone gorges, bottomless lakes, foamy rivers and many other beautiful natural attractions are concentrated in this small nook of the earth. Well-known Adjara resorts with their fine beaches attracting numerous tourists are especially picturesque. But it’s not only the pleasures of nature that make Adjara a popular vacation spot. There the holiday makers can experience the unique exotic flavor of this place expressed in the motley mix of eastern and western cultures – try delicious national dishes, become eyewitnesses of traditional life of the Adjarians, take pleasure in sightseeing, and buy original souvenirs.

The touristic infrastructure in Adjara is now on a roll. Great sanatoria and boarding houses are being renovated. It is planned to increase the number of hotel complexes and to expand their services. The republic has great opportunities for every possible entertainment and sport: rock-climbing, hunting, fishing, picnics, water sports and others. Adjara is also well-known for its curative mineral springs. A vacation in Adjara will impress everyone who will choose to spend unforgettable days in sunny Adjara.