Kakheti- formed in the 1990s in eastern Georgia from the historical province of Kakheti and the small, mountainous province of TushetiTelavi is its capital. The region comprises eight administrative districts: TelaviGurjaaniQvareliSagarejoDedoplistsqaroSignagiLagodekhi and Akhmeta. Kakheti is bordered by the Russian Federation (Dagestan and Chechnya) to the northeast, Azerbaijan to the southeast, and Mtskheta-Mtianeti and Kvemo Kartli to the west. Kakheti has a strong linguistic and cultural identity, since its ethnographic subgroup of Kakhetians speak Kakhetian dialect.

The Georgian David Gareja monastery complex is partially located in this province and is subject to a border dispute between Georgian and Azerbaijani authorities.[2] Kakheti is a popular destination in Georgia, the main tourist spots are TushetiGremiSignagiKvetraBodbeLagodekhi Protected Areas and Alaverdi Monastery. The region produces wines in micro-regions of Telavi and Kvareli.