Sairme (Georgianსაირმე /sa’eer-meh/) is a brand of naturally carbonated mineral water from springs of Sairme balneological resort area in Imereti region.

The sources of water are located 55 kilometres (34 mi) from Kutaisi in the territory of Baghdati municipality, in Tsablarastskali River gorge (the left feeder of Khanistskali River) on the northern slope of the Meskheti Ridge. Sairme is at an elevation of 915 metres (3,002 ft) in a gorge cut by the Tsablaristskali River. Summers are moderately warm with an average July temperature of 17 °C and winters are mild with an average January temperature of –1 °C. Precipitation totals 940 mm (37.01 in) annually. Sairme mineral water is used for drinking and bottling. There is a sanatorium in Sairme.[1]