Boasting one of the highest waterfalls in Georgia, Kinchkha, the Okatse canyon natural monument in western Georgia, located near the village of Gordi, attracts numerous tourists, amazing them with the awesome wild nature.

The canyon is truly one of the most magnificent and amazing places in Georgia, where breath-taking views is practically untouched by humans, leaving you feeling pleasantly cut off as you take in its authentic beauty.

The Okatse canyon is situated in the ravine of the river Gordi, running for roughly 14 kilometres. The canyon width ranges from 3-6 to 15-20 meters, while its depth is between 20-100 meters. Visitors and tourists will also be enchanted by the size and number of waterfalls to be found; one of them, named Oskhapo, is 60 meters in height!

The Visitor Centre has a 250 meter-long hanging path, as well as a 500 meter trail through the canyon and forest, a trail of two kilometers, and an observation spot with panoramic views of the entire valley. Visitors can also head up to the mountain above for even better views. There are plenty of campsites in both Kinchkha and Gordi. Gordi was once a summer residence of Megrelian nobles, the Dadianis, so there is a royal garden in Gordi which you can also pop in to. We also recommend exploring the less touristic areas of the Gordi canyons and if your interest is sparked, you might want to continue exploring in the Martvili canyons. 

From Tbilisi to Okatse canyon it’s a 4-hour drive of 260 km. Minibuses leave daily from Didube bus terminal to Kutaisi. It takes approximately 1 hour to get from Kutaisi to Gordi, which leaves from a bus station (near McDonalds) and from there it is a further 4km to Kinchkha which you can walk or travel by taxi for just a few Laris.

If you decide to stay, you can find hotels in both Kutaisi and Tskaltubo or stay in a local family village guesthouse.