A territory of Telavi has been populated since the Bronze Age, before that, this place was a home for beautiful and strong elm trees (which in Georgian is called Tela), that’s why this settlement was called as Telavi. At present Telavi is the modern city, with lots of interesting venues and beautiful sights.

What one can view in Telavi and nearby?

Giorgi Chubinashvili Telavi State History and Ethnography Museum – was founded in 1927 and is situated in several halls of King Erekle II’s palace. You can check out there a photo collection depicting old Telavi.

Cholokashvili Street – One of the most beautiful and authentic streets of Telavi.

Batoni Castle (Erekle II Avenue) – dates back to 1667-75 and consists of a palace of Kakhetian Kings, different royal churches, a fence of a castle, a bath-house and a tunnel situated at the territory of the palace.

Nadikvari Park – One of the landmarks of Telavi, with walking trails, a 12-meter long bridge, panoramic views, an open-air theatre and almost 900 years old giant maple tree, which is one of the oldest attractions of the city.